Study: Two-Thirds of Mass Shootings Linked to Domestic Violence; Geller; Journal of Epidemiology

The Role of Domestic Violence in Fatal Mass Shootings in the U.S., 2014-2019; Geller, Booty, and Crifasi; Injury Epidemiology

These two studies have found a majority of mass shootings have been committed by people who have perpetrated domestic violence, but I'm saying that a significant number of those, if not a majority, who were battered or experienced domestic violence (DV) are committing mass shooting incidents. It just so happens, much research has been done that shows those who perpetrate DV were likely to have been victims of battering. For example:

Association of Violence Against Partner and Former Victim Experiences: A Sample of Clients Voluntarily Attending Therapy; Askeland, Evang, and Heir; Journal of Interpersonal Violence. "Regression analysis showed that past victim experiences, especially physical abuse, was associated with adult violence (p<.05)."

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For those who might want to read more studies on this subject, do a search for "intergenerational transmission of intimate partner violence." C.T. Taft is a violence researcher who has written several articles on the issue.

Gender Differences in the Impact of Family of Origin Violence on Perpetrators of Domestic Violence | SpringerLink

This study cites as references many other pieces of research on the topic. In addition, you might look at for additional information.

Researcher Maija Tanskanen writes in a Finnish article: ...committing intimate partner violence and being a victim are overlapping phenomena: studies have repeatedly found that victims and perpetrators are often the same people.

Those who helped gather this information: 1) April-Burgess-Johnson, Helpmate, Asheville, North Carolina; 2) Bente Lomo, Ph.D, Alternativ Til Vold, Norway; 3) Saija Jarvimaki, THL, Finland